About Us

After a long experience of designing and printing in the publishing and battery sector, the battery business has taken heart. The people of this industry got so much interest that service in this area has become a mind.

In the year 2017, a small firm started in the name of Designworld Media and engaged in the service of battery merchants. It takes time to learn and understand any work, but the experience gained from working for the battery industry has paid off and we are on our way to progress.

Then in 2020, the disaster of COVID-19 pandemic came which is still in the grip. At the time of lockdown, by forming a group on social media by the name of battery business, people associated with the battery business gathered.

Now the need was felt to publish a website and a magazine for the battery industry in view of the times and demands of the traders, so we created a website for you all by the name of www.batterybusiness.in. Along with this, an online magazine has also been started. You can spread the news and views of your business to the people through this website. If you want to share any information, then you can reach people through this website. By advertising in the magazine, you can give a fast pace to your business.

It is our only effort that the people associated with the battery business should unite, benefit each other, and help so that this industry progresses privately as well as the progress of the nation. Designworld Media wants to bring together those involved in the battery industry and give everything we can. Battery Business will be a Hindi magazine, in which anyone can share an English article if he wants.

This magazine will be online, if anyone needs a copy of it, we will also make it available in print form. We would like to bring India’s battery business forward in the international market, and for this, the contribution of all the traders is necessary.

If you think you have a story of merit, please click here and complete the form or email us at info@batterybusiness.in